Online game security solution to protect client and to prevent hacking
for establishing safe online game environment

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  • Client Protection
  • Hack Detection
  • Server Authentication
  • Web Security Function Setting

Product Introduction

Based on game features and client’s service policy, the security function of nProtect GameGuard is easy to apply with web control system.
GameGuard protects client and prevents hacking for safe and fair game management environment.


Client Protection

Prevent client hacking by encrypting executable file and detecting process modification.

• Provide a tool for executable file encryption
• Detect and block process memory modification in real time

Hack Detection

Detect various hack tools that can be abused in game such as auto macros, speed hacks and wall hacks

• Detect speed hack by system monitoring
• Detect wall hack by Graphics API monitoring
• Detect macro hack by analyzing activity-based program
• Detect malicious process and DLL injection

Server Authentication

Sever authentication system blocks activities that bypass security solution.

• Self-protection
• Detect executable file modification
• Detect non-client bot

Other Functions

Protect game contents with various security functions.

• Detect illegal free server
• Select whether or not to block OS from other countries
• Select whether or not to close the client for hack detection


Web Security Function Setting

Web control system enables various security setting.

Optimizing game management

Improving compatibility

Setting security level


Support for smooth online game management by providing various statistics and analysis information of game integrated nProtect GameGuard

• Real time statistics for error and hacking tool by county, game, and OS
• Analyze causes of error through log searching

Rapid reaction to errors

Providing rapid and expertized 1:1 dedicated technical support for each game, we try to improve customer satisfaction with reaction to error by using urgent hack tool pattern system and log analysis tool.

• Create a module to block temporarily with hacktool pattern system for urgent hack tools
• Provide a log analysis tool to figure out causes of error
• 1:1 dedicated technical support for each game


Possible to apply proper security functions in easy and convenient way based on game feature

• Monitor during CBT(Closed Beta Test), OBT(Open Beta Test) and provide reports
• Security consulting for optimization in game feature by monitoring and analyzing logs

System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (Support 32, 64bit)
  • CPU : Pentium 4 2Ghz or higher
  • Memory (RAM) : 1GB or higher
  • HDD : 40GB or higher empty space

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Online game security solution to protect client and to prevent hacking
For establishing safe online game environment